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Campus Namesake

Before the Frisco ISD began more than 100 years ago, the children of the pioneer families received their education in one and two-room schoolhouses throughout this area – there were up to 12 of them at any given time. Many were established in the late 1800s and some were operational up until the late 40s for grade school. The earliest school established was the Robertson School around the year 1850; it was located about three miles west of Frisco at the intersection of what is now Main Street and Twin Falls Drive. At some point this crude structure closed and James and Mary Robertson hired a teacher for their children and invited other children in the community to attend classes in their home.

In 1884, A.W. Robertson (brother to James) sold a plot of land to the Trustees of the Denton County School District 48 for the sum of $1. (As a side note, another Robertson brother, Addison, is who Addison, Texas, is named for.) A second school was built on this land, which measured smaller than the playing surface of a football field. In 1909, the second school and land were sold and a new plot was purchased from J. R. Newman for $20. A new two-room frame building was built with a wood-burning heater in each room. The school was in operation until 1935; at that time the students entered school in the Frisco ISD. The most students who ever attended at one time occurred in 1930 – there were approximately 30 students (through fifth grade) with two teachers.

A story recorded by former student Noah White brings Hollywood to life at the Robertson School. He recounted that one day a group of men rode up to water their horses. The teacher told the students to not look out the window and keep working on their studies. When the horseman rode away, she told the children the riders had been the notorious Jesse James Gang.

Schools then were as they are now, the hub of the community. Robertson School was the center of the farming community and was the site for school plays and box suppers. It was the primary school for many of Frisco’s oldest families, such as the late Frisco Mayor J.C. Grant attended, the Newman children, the Stark brothers and sisters, and the Smotherman children. Genevieve “Sis” Kerley has often recounted how during bad weather, the Newman family would take in those who couldn’t make it home, providing supper and a place to sleep until the muddy roads were passable again. Children brought their lunch to school wrapped in newspaper or in pails, they washed with lye soap and many rode horses to school. Times were simpler, but the importance of an education was still a driving force. Naming an elementary school after this early settler school pays tribute to those pioneer days of education in this area.
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Kyla Prusak


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  • School Hours: 7:45 a.m. to 2:55 p.m.
  • Year Opened: 2007
  • Mission: The Robertson family is dedicated to learning, growing, and serving together.