Bledsoe Elementary School

Let’s Party! From birthday to holiday parties, there are many celebrations at Bledsoe.  Along with the fun, usually comes food. This year, Bledsoe Elementary Student Wellness council is dedicated to shift the focus of school parties from unhealthy food to healthy FUN! Starting this year, Bledsoe students will have the option to choose a healthy celebration from the BLASTER BOX.
Benefits of HEALTHY
​1. Healthy Kids Learn Better.  Research clearly demonstrates that good nutrition is linked to better behavior and academic performance.  To provide the best possible learning conditions for children, schools must also provide an environment that supports healthy behaviors.
2. Promotes a Healthy School Environment.  To positively change eating behaviors, students need to receive consistent, reliable health information and opportunities to use it.  Healthy celebrations are an important part of providing a healthy school environment.
3. Protects Children from Food Allergies.  When parents send in food, it is difficult to ensure the safety of children with food allergies.  Schools can protect food allergic children by providing nonfood celebrations or, if food is served, obtaining it from known sources such as the school food service program.
What's the BLASTER BOX?
​Our student wellness council, as a way for other students to choose FUN ways to celebrate their birthday, developed the Healthy Celebration BLASTER BOX.  Each grade will have their own BOX filled with pre-approved healthy celebration ideas like:
Star Student                 Extra Recess                   Wear my favorite color day
Crazy socks day           Pick a favorite game      Parent or Principal reads a favorite book
Crazy hat day               Teacher Helper               Special craft
Show & Tell                 Pajama Day                    Indoor Free time
Dance party                 And much more...
HEALTHY SNACK OPTIONS:  We also have teamed up with Cheri Lucas.  Last year she provided healthy birthday treats for parents -- delivered them to the school and all.  She is working to find healthier alternatives to offer and has developed some low-sugar cupcakes, mini-muffins with a treat bag, a popcorn/candy mix, as well as a trail mix.  Fo to for more information, ordering, and pricing.

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