Boals Elementary School

Boals First Grade Teachers Engage Students in Science

Sep 10, 2014

First grade teachers at Boals Elementary School kicked off the school year with an effort to show students just how fun learning science can be. 

Teachers Noreen Haas, Rachael Johnson, Natalie Smith, Susan Green and Erika Boyer donned white lab coats for hands-on experiments each day the second week of school.

Students wore lab coats as well and received lab notebooks to help document the scientific method.

“My son has talked about something other than recess this week!” one parent wrote Mrs. Green. “He's loved the science experiments, so thanks for all the time and effort you (and the other teachers) have put into that this week!”

The effort was inspired by the summer professional development of Steve Barkley, who inspired the teachers to get students excited about and involved in daily science lessons. 

Boals First Grade Science Teachers