Bright Elementary School

Frisco Lakes Outreach Brings Supplies to Bright Elelementary

Aug 13, 2014

Representatives of Frisco Lakes Outreach delivered several boxes and bags of school supplies to Bright Elementary on August 12.

Principal Susie Graham was very excited to have the school supplies on hand to help students whose families may not be able to afford supplies and who may not have signed up with other assistance programs.

"I was talking to a lady yesterday who needs some help," Graham explained to donors Donna Cheatam and Joyce McGrath of Frisco Lakes. "I told her we would be able to take care of her kids."

Frisco Lakes has assisted Bright Elementary for the past few years and has become a strong partner with the school, which is a Title I campus.

Supplies included crayons, markers, paper, folders, glue, scissors, pens and pencils. All will go toward making a grateful student's school year a successful one.

School Supply Donation