Comstock Elementary School

Birthday Treats: 2014-15 Update

Aug 05, 2014

Dear Parents:

As you know, the topic of birthday treats has remained an issue for several years.

Over the course of time many factors have influenced changes, such as allergy concerns, food sources, laws regarding competing with the school lunch program, and loss of instructional time.  

During this time schools have been trying many different things to find the best balance for school-based celebrations. Some schools have eliminated frosted cupcakes completely due to the mess it presents, others have been encouraging non-food alternatives such as games and a treat in the principal’s office for the birthday recipient. We all of course recognize student birthdays in our morning assemblies. Those still doing treats generally hand them out at the end of the day as students are leaving the classroom. 

All this being said, the Frisco ISD School Health Advisory Council has recommended that for the 2014-15 school year we as a school district continue to celebrate birthdays, but discontinue the food and drink component of the celebration. The concerns for student health have increased, with the issue of children and allergic reactions to certain foods and food ingredients growing in particular. The cupcakes and treats parents and grandparents are providing come from many sources and there is no real control regarding the ingredients and/or the processing of the treats. 

We hope that as you reflect on this you will understand our reasoning; many of you will probably feel some relief as it adds complications and stress to your day in order to achieve this expectation.  

Please know that we will continue to celebrate the birthdays of your children, just in a non-food oriented way. We will be working as an FISD team on guidelines that will be in the 2014-15 student handbook. 

Thank you for all that you do and for your ongoing support and partnership. 

Frisco ISD