Comstock Elementary School

Jump Rope for Heart

Jan 08, 2015

Dear Parents,

We are kicking off Jump Rope for Heart in PE and your students are bringing home a letter and envelope with details.  This is the 36th anniversary of the program (perhaps you remember doing it as a kid)! During the next 4 weeks students will be using educational materials from the American Heart Association to learn about HOW and WHY they need to take care of their hearts.  They will also be raising funds to help others whose hearts aren’t as healthy. We also get to earn money to purchase new PE equipment! 

You may hear your students talk about earning ducks this year! There are 3 ducks that students can earn and get instantly! 

With a $5 donation students will earn "SPLATTER QUACKY" and a lanyard. Tear off the coupon on the envelope when your student raises this amount and have them return it to their PE Teacher. 

When a student goes online and raises any donation they earn "SCRIBBLES NINJA" duck (hint if your child goes online and earns just $5 they will get both "SPLATTER QUACKY" the lanyard and "SCRIBBLES NINJA" instantly).  After raising $75 the students will earn “MRS. COOL”.  The remaining ducks and thank you gifts on the envelope will come approximately 6 weeks after we finish out event. Go online at to sign up or do it from your smart phone by downloading the app Jump/hoops. (The app is amazing you can even text for donations!)

*    How to Register online:

*    How to Send e-mails:

*    How to use the app:

*    JRFH video:

We hope you will join us in teaching your children about living heart healthy lives and helping others! Our goal this year is $15,000.  Ask your child about our FUN AND EXCITING incentives this year…someone will get to pie me in the face!

Heartfelt thanks! 

Coach Parkman and Coach Wolfe