Comstock Elementary School

Comstock Elementary Teacher Named KLTY Teacher of the Month

Feb 20, 2015

Harbour Receives FlowersPhoebe Harbour, second grade teacher at Comstock Elementary School, has a favorite saying that has inspired her students, fellow teachers and friends. She encourages all who are facing challenges with a heartfelt “Yes, you can!”

Her can-do spirit led her sister Bridget Shelden, who teaches at Stafford Middle School but lives in the Comstock area, to “write a book” to radio station KLTY 94.9, nominating Harbour as the Care Now Teacher of the Month.

The KLTY team, led by radio personality Frank Reed, was on hand for a mini-celebration at the school on February 20 along with a representative of Care Now and the entire second grade. Harbour received a special plaque, flowers, several great gift cards and a certificate for a relaxing night at the Gaylord Texan.

The kids like Harbour for her sense of fun, but Shelden explained that there are many reasons Harbour should be considered for Teacher of the Month.

Harbour has dedicated her life to encouraging others to try harder. A runner, she inspires others to join her. She recently helped Shelden run a half marathon.

“She ran right beside me and carried my water bottle,” Shelden shared.

Shelden said that at the eleventh mile she wanted to stop because she was sure she couldn’t make it, but Harbour wouldn’t let her quit – calling out her famous “Yes, you can.”

Harbour thanked KLTY, Shelden, her supportive students and room mothers, but noted her students may think she is all alone at the front of the classroom, but that she is not alone. Teaching is a team effort, she explained.

“I have to thank my team, the Fab Five,” she said, acknowledging the second grade team, “and everyone here at Comstock.”

Harbour Honored as KLTY Teacher of the Month