Comstock Elementary School

Specials Rotation Update

Aug 18, 2015

In order to make sure our elementary students are getting their required physical education minutes through the structured PE classes, and to also improve the learning experience for students relative to technology integration, we are taking computer time out of the “specials” classes rotation and keeping the teaching of the technology TEKS in the regular classroom. This transition has been in the discussion/planning stages for the last two years, as we have worked to develop lessons for the integration of the technology TEKS and believe they are best delivered by embedding within regular instruction. This keeps the learning more relevant and immediately applicable, rather than isolating the skills in a pull-out computer lab setting. Campuses are still finalizing details on scheduling and resource implementation, but the employees who have been doing just computer lab aide duties will now be a flexible aide (no change to hours/days/pay) that might be assisting with the remaining specials classes (art, music, and PE). Students do not have each of these every day, hence the term rotations. When all plans are complete, we will share them with our families. We are excited about what this will mean for student learning and health and wellness.

Shana Wortham
FISD Communications