Supplemental Student Accident Insurance

Sep 04, 2014

Dear Parents,

 In addition to the supplemental student accident insurance coverage that Frisco ISD provides to our students annually, our contracted carrier (The Brokerage Store) also provides parents access to purchase additional “layers” of supplemental accident insurance for your son or daughter. Very low cost options are available. For example, a single premium payment of $115.00 per year, provides a 24-Hour supplemental layer of insurance coverage to your primary coverage to assist in the event of an accident or injury. Meaning, even if your son or daughter is injured at home during a non-school activity (e.g. skateboarding), this coverage would still be available to supplement your primary insurance. If a student does not have any personal insurance this coverage can also act as a primary coverage. Please note that this coverage is for “accidents” and not for supplementing wellness related health expenses such as treating the flu or common allergies. If your student is involved in UIL functions there are also options to add supplemental coverage layers for injuries that may occur during those events as well.

This optional Supplemental Accident Insurance is available now.  This is very reasonable and extremely helpful should your adolescent have an injury and need medical attention. Contact Nurse Jenny for a brochure if you would like more information.

 Additional details, resources and options are available on the Frisco ISD website here: