Elliott Students Create Conservation Superheroes

Oct 05, 2015

Fourth graders at Elliott Elementary School have been very busy learning about conservation of natural resources and how they can reuse and recycle materials. To further engage students, teachers asked them to create their very own "Conservation Superheroes."  

Students used recycled or reused material, such as candy wrappers, foil, tissue, water bottles, and cardboard, to construct their Conservation Superheroes.

On October 1, these Conservation Superheroes paraded the hallways. Students gave their superheroes catchy names and phrases to encourage fellow students and teachers to conserve resources. “Cardboard Commander,” “Wonder the Waste Processor,” and “Go Green Granny,” were just some of the names students came up with.

Along with their design, students presented what their character does, how they do it, and why they do it... further solidifying their newfound knowledge of conservation and recycling.  

The time and effort each student put into their project is admirable and supports the Elliott motto, “GOT GRIT?” The school will display the students' incredible creations in Pod 3 through October 12, when parents will get to see all their hard work during teacher conferences.

Pictured students include: (L-R Bottom Row) Avery Compton, Audrey Cline, Carson Fortenberry, Kisha Arun and Gwen Gaull and (L-R Top Row) Chance Gray, Luke Person, Raleigh Carter, Brooke Simmons and Medha Kashyapa.