Elliott Club Encourages Girls to be More Involved in Science, Engineering

Feb 19, 2016

Girls at Elliott Elementary like math and science. The school is using funds from the Frisco Education Foundation Grants for Great Ideas program to put the tools once thought of as just for boys – legos, KEVA planks and batteries – into the hands of the members of the GEMS Club – Girls Excelling in Math and Science.

Constructing catapults, coding, excavating and tinkering are just a few activities you might see if you peek into the Elliott Science Lab on a Thursday afternoon when GEMS meets.

The club was formed this year by first grade teacher Katina Meazell and librarian Megan Tumulty. The teachers received a grant for almost $2,000 from the Frisco Education Foundation to help get the club going in its inaugural year.

The grant has been used to purchase Lego kits, KEVA planks, batteries and other materials that will be used at GEMS Club meetings for years to come.

Girl power is working and bringing feminine creativity to the forefront. The girls participating in GEMS Club recently used KEVA planks to complete a Valentine’s inspired task: Build a slide that can deliver a Valentine’s message from the prince to the princess.

The club has had overwhelming success thanks to the support of school administrators, families, and the parent volunteers that assist at the GEMS Club meetings. Club sponsors Katina Meazell and Megan Tumulty look forward to many years of STEM fun and learning with GEMS Club.

“We started this club for Elliott third and fourth grade girls to spark creativity, curiosity, and confidence in the STEM fields,” said Meazell and Tumulty.

GEMS is a national organization that was created in 1994 to inspire girls to be more involved in math and science. To find out more, visit www.gemsclub.org.