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Campus Namesake

Miss Wilma Johnson was born in 1920 in Farmersville, Texas. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from East Texas State University, her master’s degree from North Texas State University and also attended Southern Methodist University. She began her teaching career in 1939 and came to the Frisco schools in 1942. When she first arrived there were 12 grades and 11 teachers, so everyone “had to do a little extra.” Her first year, she even coached baseball!

In 1949, she married Frisco native, Donald Fisher. Mrs. Fisher continued to teach business classes, including accounting, shorthand, business math and business law before retiring in 1984 with 42 years of service under the tenure of seven superintendents.

Miss Wilma is known for many things, and her teaching example and her dedication to her students and the community are at the top of the list. It was she who put in the hard work, long hours and was dedicated to the Queen's Coronation that benefited the Frisco School Annual, making lasting and affordable memories for Frisco's graduates. All in all, she was responsible for 26 yearbooks. It was also Miss Wilma who sponsored the junior class for so many years and published treasured cookbooks with recipes from Frisco cooks to make money for the junior-senior banquet.

Her diligence can also be credited with providing the first new typewriters after the war. All the schools had sent their best typewriters to the war effort; when they were allowed to buy new ones, the school didn’t have the money, so Miss Wilma held “42” parties and charged admission to raise money for a new machine.

Her support and fund-raising ingenuity never stopped at the walls of the schools - she also spearheaded cookbooks at the First Baptist Church and for the Heritage Association. In looking back at her career, Miss Wilma said her proudest moments came from seeing her students succeed. And with a twinkle in her eye, she said she “certainly had fun along the way.”

Although Mrs. Fisher passed away in the spring of 2008, she touched the lives of thousands of Frisco graduates in her 42 years of teaching at school, at church and in the community. Her life serves as a legacy of dedication, service to others, faith and joy!

nancy fatheree

Nancy Fatheree


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  • School Hours: 7:45 a.m. to 2:55 p.m.
  • Year Opened: 2001
  • Mission: Fisher Elementary builds a cooperative school community that promotes a rigorous and collaborative approach to life-long learning.