Isbell Elementary School

Isbell Students Send Virtual Thank-You’s to Veterans

Nov 13, 2014

Second grade students at Frisco’s Isbell Elementary School learned about Veterans Day in the library.

To show their appreciation for the service and sacrifice of servicemen and women, they created virtual thank-you letters using the pic collage app.

Once all the letters were completed, Librarian Blaire Beathard turned them into a virtual class book and shared them with local VFW posts.

“I'm always trying to find new ways to get the kids involved with thanking and supporting our troops,” Beathard said. “Through the Halloween candy drive to writing thank-you letters to veterans, it's important to let them know that we are thinking about them and to teach kids the importance of doing these deeds.”

The school has already received a response from Commander Phillip Norton with VFW Post 2195, thanking students for their thoughtfulness.

You can check out the students’ virtual letters at the following links:

Mrs. Wood’s Class: Book 1 I Book 2

Mrs. Scozzafava’s Class: Book 1 I Book 2

Mrs. Mantzey’s Class: Book 1 I Book 2

Mrs. Lukaszewski’s Class: Book 1 I Book 2