McSpedden Elementary

Kathy Thom has worked in Frisco I.S.D. for over fifteen years. Her interest and passion for working with gifted children began in her first classroom of 4th graders at Anderson Elementary. She had an exceptional student that required special accommodations to meet his educational needs. Ever since then, she has marveled at the abilities that GT students exhibit, as well as the special needs they require to gain a true understanding of who they are.

Kathy taught 4th grade for two years and then moved to 5th for the next four years. She completed her GT Certification at UNT, is a member of the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented, and is a member of Mensa. She has been a GT Teacher for the past nine years and is excited to continue her work with GT students at McSpedden. She also has a son who graduated from Heritage High School this past spring. He attended Frisco schools since kindergarten and was in the Gifted Program since the 3rd grade. There is no doubt in her mind that her perspective as a parent of a gifted child has aided her immensely in her continual quest in helping her GT students meet their potential.