Newman Elementary Under Construction June 2014

School Dedication Honors Family of James Reeder Newman

Sep 17, 2014

Newman ChoirStudents, parents and community members joined educators and special guests for a dedication ceremony on September 14 at Frisco ISD’s Newman Elementary School.

The celebration honored relatives of James Reeder Newman, grandson of one of the area’s first pioneer families. Read more about the namesake.

“This pioneer family has been supporting education in this area, well, since students rode to school on horseback,” said Frisco ISD Board President Anne McCausland. “Their doors were open to those in need and that commitment to community continues today.”

In accepting the honor, Jim Newman, grandson of James Reeder Newman, shared a story told by his aunt who was a student at the Robertson school, an early schoolhouse created with help from the Newman and Robertson families.

“The teacher looked out the window and saw men riding up to the school,” Newman said. “She quickly gathered up all of the children and ran them inside the schoolhouse and shut the doors. Everyone was very quiet. My aunt peeped out the window and looked and there were these men, watering their horses. As quick as they came, they left. Later, she was told that they thought that was Jesse James and his gang.

I believe that might have been the first school lockdown, Dr. Lyon,” Newman said, joking with FISD’s Superintendent of Schools. “I’m not sure, but it might have been.”

Newman Elementary, located at 12333 Briar Ridge Road in Frisco, opened in August on land that had been part of the Newman homestead. The school is led by Principal Sherri Wakeland.

“I have known the Newman family since I moved here in 1978 when they welcomed me and my family into this community, so it is an honor and privilege to be here with you,” Wakeland told the crowd.

“As Frisco has grown, one thing that we haven’t lost is the connections with each other and that feeling of family,” she said. “Whether you moved here last week or 10 years ago, you did so with the knowledge that you were joining a community that valued education, supported schools and loved our children.”

During the ceremony, guests enjoyed a special performance from members of the Newman Elementary choir, under the direction of music teacher Sammie Rodgers. Refreshments and tours of the school were also available.

Newman Elementary was designed by architect SHW Group and built by construction manager Ratcliff Constructors, L.P. Its capacity is 760 students.

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