Nichols Elementary School

Visitor Brings Powerful Message to Nichols Elementary

Apr 08, 2015

Questions from AudienceTony Performs at NicholsFrisco ISD’s Nichols Elementary School recently hosted Tony Memmel, a clinician, composer, singer and guitarist, who happens to have one hand.

Memmel taught himself to play the guitar by constructing a self-made cast out of Gorilla Tape that secures a guitar pick to his arm.

He travels around the country performing and serving as an ambassador for the Lucky Fin Project, an organization that promotes limb difference awareness.  

Students and staff were inspired by Memmel’s musical talents, knowledge and accomplishments, as well as his determination and drive.

Memmel shared his message to never place limits on yourself and explained that by not placing limits on himself, he was able to learn guitar, piano, trumpet and harmonica, as well as songwriting. He also started on his high school baseball and soccer teams.