Norris Elementary

Café Encourages Kids to Make Healthy Meal Choices

Jan 25, 2016

The Frisco ISD Child Nutrition Department recently held a three-week competition for all elementary school cafés to encourage teams to have a positive impact on students’ meal choices.

Café supervisors used simple merchandising techniques, such as displaying fresh fruit near the cash register and making unflavored milk more visible, to help guide students toward making healthy food choices.

The efforts at each campus paid off, as elementary schools saw increases both in fruit and vegetables served and in unflavored milk sales.

Two café teams were named winners at the end of the contest and earned the right to have their pictures put on the front of Wheaties boxes:

  • The Norris Elementary café was able to increase the overall number of fruit and vegetable servings selected by students by 26 percent and also saw a 60 percent increase in their salad bar usage! 
  • The Gunstream Elementary café encouraged their students to pick up milk with every lunch and increased the sales of unflavored milk by 52 percent! 

Frisco ISD strives to encourage students to build healthy habits, through this contest and similar initiatives.