Pink Elementary School

Pink Elementary Welcomes Leaders in Public Health Education

Jan 25, 2016

Frisco ISD and Pink Elementary hosted several top leaders from The Cooper Institute in January, including its founder, the "Father of Aerobics" Dr. Kenneth Cooper.

The group observed PE class at Pink as students demonstrated portions of the FitnessGram test and Coaches J.T. Mistr and Carrie Partain explained their teaching practices and answered questions. The visitors also met with Superintendent of Schools Jeremy Lyon, Director of Coordinated School Health Sheila Gardner and Pink Principal Danielle Record, among others.

While at Pink Elementary, Dr. Cooper took the opportunity to tell students his age (84) and talked to them about ways to live a long, healthy life. 

“Fitness is a journey, not a destination,” he told them. “You have to eat well and work out every day.”

Dr. Cooper also autographed one student’s FitnessGram results. He was instrumental in the passage of the 2007 Texas law which required enhanced PE activity levels and annual physical fitness testing using FitnessGram.

“We applaud your efforts to educate children about the importance of life-long health and fitness,” The Cooper Institute posted about the visit on their Facebook page

About FitnessGram

FitnessGram is a student fitness assessment, reporting, and educational tool used to promote children's health-related fitness and activity levels. It is the nation’s youth health-related fitness assessment adopted by the Presidential Youth Fitness Program and assesses students’ fitness levels using Healthy Fitness Zone® standards developed by the FitnessGram Scientific Advisory Board.
The FitnessGram software offers powerful data management and statistical reporting tools to support data-driven decision making in schools. It also measures student outcomes, which support curriculum goals and allow educators to effectively advocate for physical education programs. For additional information about other components of the software, please visit

About The Cooper Institute

The Cooper Institute is dedicated to promoting life-long health and wellness worldwide through research and education. Founded by Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, The Cooper Institute translates the latest scientific findings into proactive solutions that improve population health. Key areas of focus are research, adult education, and youth programs. Through these initiatives, The Cooper Institute helps people lead better, longer lives now and Well. Into the Future. To learn more, visit