Riddle Elementary School

Riddle Elementary Hosts Reunion for Military Mom and Sons

Apr 03, 2015

Meyers with Her SonsRiddle Elementary School hosted a special morning assembly on Friday, March 27 honoring a military mom and her twin sons, who are kindergarten students.

Army Major Aysha Meyers returned from a nine-month deployment in Kuwait to surprise her sons Wyatt and Urijah Hess, who had been called on stage for a special award from Principal Jina Eksaengsri.

The boys’ father is also in the Army and stationed in New York so they’ve been living with their grandmother in Texas while their mom has been deployed.

The first time Major Meyers served in Afghanistan in 2007, the boys weren’t even born. This time around was especially difficult, but the family kept in touch via phone and video chats.

Still, Aysha hadn’t seen her sons since before their first day of school.

“They have just changed so much,” she said. “Their speech is a lot better, they can read a lot better, they can count a lot better, they have just learned so much since I’ve been gone.”

After the assembly, Wyatt and Urijah took the opportunity to show their mom around their kindergarten classrooms.

Click on the video below to watch footage of the emotional reunion.