Sem Elementary School

Sem Elementary Students Raise the Roof for Ugandan School

Dec 10, 2015

Roof RepairedSem Elementary students can rest assured that they have made an real impact on the world this year.

The students recently raised $275 to be sent to Masindi, Uganda to help repair the roof of a small school there.

Heather Miller, first grade teacher at Sem, visited the Kigezi School in Masindi, Uganda in Africa during her summer break. She learned that school was being conducted each day in a building with a destroyed tin roof. The small village could not afford to repair the gaping hole in the roof – as repair had been estimated to cost about $150.

Sem Student Council members organized a coin drive this fall and raised the needed money and more to help the students.

The Ugandan school sent photos back to show the repaired roof and shared photos of some of the students with Sem.