Sparks Elementary School

Sparks Funds Clean Water for Children through Book Study

Jan 26, 2015

Students and parents at Frisco ISD’s Sparks Elementary School collected $150 to provide clean water to children in developing communities as part of a book club for 5th grade families.

That’s enough money to provide clean water for six children through Water Aid, an international non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation.

The group was inspired to contribute after reading “The Great Trouble” by Deborah Hopkinson, a historical fiction book about Dr. John Snow and his work to determine the cause of cholera and to stop its spread.

As part of the study, students and parents watched a video about the importance of saving water and learned about the many places in the world where there is not safe and clean water to drink. Then the group collected spare change to help provide safe drinking water to people living in these areas. 

The Sparks Book Club is open all 5th grade students who want to participate after school one Friday each month. Parents are encouraged to take part as well.