Tadlock Elementary School

Tadlock Students Record Memories of Senior Citizens

Jan 27, 2016

Students from Tadlock Elementary School enjoyed an outing to Mustang Creek Estates, a senior living community, where they polished their skills in interview and writing. 

The students, who belong to a student leadership program called SWAT (students with a task), visited with residents about their careers, families and education. It was a great opportunity for the elementary students to get to know these older residents of Frisco, many who have lived in other states and cities.

The students, accompanied by Sarah Perry, counselor at Tadlock, employed techniques they had learned at school about research and interviewing.  

The interviews were recorded and shared using a popular app called StoryCorps. The mission of the app is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people across the globe, all while creating an archive for future generations.

As members of America’s “Greatest Generation” dwindle, it is now more important than ever to preserve their values, memories and experiences, and there’s no better way to pass them on than through the minds of the children of today.

This event was educational and also an opportunity to reach out to those in the community who may not have much interaction with Frisco ISD schools. Perry is hoping to arrange more events for students to interact with seniors at Mustang Creek Estates and other communities.

"Multi-generational learning is important for students to understand the world they live in," she said. "This is a great way to bring different age groups together to get to know each other and learn from each other, particularly if students do not have extended family or grandparents in the area."