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Campus Namesake

Kenneth "Rex" Talley's family moved to Frisco when he was 5 years old. After high school, he decided to go to Syracuse University to play football. Shortly after arriving, he changed his mind and decided to enlist in the United States Air Force to serve his country. During that time, he was accepted into a special services program as a Russian linguist, and he played football in his spare time for his base team.

Rex was stationed in England for 3 years, which is where he met his wife Barbara. Rex and Barbara had three kids, Bobby, Cole, and Rexanne, all of whom graduated from Frisco High School. Like most parents, Rex and Barbara were avid supporters of all the activities their kids were involved in-- football, baseball, track, band, and cheerleading. Rex started working for AA Porter Lighting in 1960 and served on the Frisco ISD School Board in the late 1960s (as well as serving as board president). He began an entrepreneurial venture when he purchased PittsKirby Lumber and renamed it Ken’s Lumber & Hardware (1973-2003). Rex also purchased Porter Lighting in 1980, working there until his death in 2008.

Rex mentored and coached youth in Frisco for over three decades. He served on the Youth Center Board (Little League Baseball) from the early 1960s through the 1980s. He had a soft spot in his heart for those who might not have been as lucky as he was, but it was his work ethic, his faith, and his love for children that made him who he was. Rex was a mentor to many young Frisco graduates who went on to become successful business men and women in their chosen careers.

Rex Talley was well known in the Plano and Dallas housing industry for his work at Porter Lighting. He also served on the Planning & Zoning Committee throughout the 1990’s and even chaired this committee on more than one occasion. Ken used his influence to bring well-known home developers into Frisco and helped make the community what it is today. He was honored as Citizen of the Year in 1998, recognized by State Senator Florence Shapiro for his many accomplishments, and served as a leader at First Baptist Church.

Rex was generous to a fault – he helped numerous families in need. Honesty, integrity, and character are what exemplified Ken Talley from his peers to those he served. He was a man of few words but used his influence to better FISD and the community of Frisco. He always wanted to help in areas where he may have been needed as a volunteer or whenever there was any kind of need--even financial. But he never ever wanted people to know where the help came from if there was a financial need.

He and his children had some of the same teachers who have schools named after them: Wilma Fisher, Jesse Marie Riddle, and Ruth Borchardt. He attended many of the school dedications of his friends, mentors, and teachers and would have never thought of himself as being worthy to receive this type of an honor himself. He was very unassuming to most, but very influential to those who knew him.

Jamie Peden, Principal

Jamie Peden


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