Nelson Cheerleaders are to create school spirit, loyalty, and pride, while maintaining a high standard of academic excellence. Cheerleaders must try-out for a position on the squad. There are two cheer squads (7th and 8th) at Nelson Middle School.
Sponsors: Geralynne Solitaire and Kaitlyn Chepey

Math and Science Team
Math and science team is a competitive club where students will learn a great number of math and science skills. To join, students can just sign up and come to the upcoming informational meeting in September. Once apart of the team, students will need to participate in practices that will occur every Monday for science and number sense and every Thursday for math and calculator. Students will travel throughout the DFW region competing against other middle school teams with the purpose of qualifying for the TMSCA competition in either math, science, number sense, and calculator at the state level at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
class code: eufgjo
Sponsors: Kylie Edwards and Michelle McKnight

The purpose of the Nelson Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage citizenship in the students.
8th Grade

Student Council
Student Council - Student Council is a leadership and service organization open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Nelson Middle School.  All students interested in participating in Student Council may join; Elections will not be held! We will participate in community and school-wide service projects, including a holiday food drive, a police and firemen appreciation campaign, and helping out with teacher appreciation week.

Geography Bee
The National Geographic Bee is an annual competition organized by the National Geographic Society, designed to inspire and reward students' curiosity about the world. Students in grades four through eight (4-8) from 10,000 schools across the United States will compete in the 2018 National Geographic Bee for a chance to win college scholarships and the glory of being the National Geographic Bee Champion. 
Sponsor: Alyssa McCoy

The Pentathlon program is designed for seventh and eight-grade students and is an extension of the Lone Star Challenge in elementary school. It is also used as preparation for the Octathlon and Decathlon programs in high school. The Pentathlon competition is comprised of five subjects: math, social studies, science, literature, and fine arts. The Super Quiz event is an exciting oral relay in which students work together on all five subjects at once. The final competition occurs in late April.
Sponsors: Pamela Crofoot and Katie Andersen

Fellowship of Christian Athletes challenges coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ.
Sponsors: Danielle Walker & Stacy George 

Improv Club
The Improv Club is an open club for any student to be apart of. We will begin meeting towards the end of the first semester (after Thanksgiving break) for one morning a week in the theatre room. We will play theatre games, and sharpen our skills as improv performers.

Spelling Bee
Challenge your spelling skills!  This is a traditional spelling bee held in the spring.  Winners can advance to district, regional, etc.  Students study spelling based off of a list of words provided to them.

Mentor Program
B.O.Y.S. to Men (Building Outstanding Youth in Service to Men) is a program developed through Pride Student Development Group, a nonprofit organization founded by Jamaul Pride, which provides opportunities for young men to build character, grow self-discipline, be informed, and increase leadership skills. The primary focus is to model how service enhances an individual’s ability to strengthen each of these attributes.
8th Grade
Sponsor: jamaul Pride

Stage Managers Club/ Technical Theatre Club
Students will learn on how to use technical equipment for building and maintaining theatre stage sets.
7th and 8th Grade
Sponsor: Ryan Ratcliff

STEM Fair Club
This Advisory club supports Pre-AP science students that are interested in competing in the ISEF Science and Engineering Fair.
7th and 8th Grade

Student Ambassadors
At the end of each school year, student ambassadors apply for the opportunity to represent the student voice at NMS for the next year and are selected by Mrs. Luhrs and the administrative team. The main focus of the student ambassadors is to purposefully seek out and represent the student voice and interests. Ambassadors strive to create a school culture of inclusivity where all students feel their voices are heard and respected in campus decision-making initiatives.
Sponsor: Ashley Luhrs

Arts and Crafts Club
A cool club where we have lots of fun creating arts and crafts.
Sponsor: Angela Mehta

Jazz Club
Jazz Club is for students in 7th and 8th grade.  Students must already be enrolled in a band class.  Jazz Club is a performing group that will learn the different styles of jazz, history of jazz, and perform jazz music.  
Sponsor: Mike Beavers

Culture Club
The purpose of Culture Club is to share about our own culture as well as learn about other people's culture.  We will learn about the food, celebrations, traditions, music, religion, customs, art, beliefs, and dances of the cultures represented in our club and at Nelson.  
Sponsor: Raquel Román

Yoga and Meditation Club
Are you stressed out from school and need a relaxing and healthy break in your day?  Join us for the Yoga and Meditation Club!  We will practice different yoga poses and calm our brains through meditation.  All grade levels welcome.  Please wear comfortable clothing. 
Sponsor: Kimberly McFarland

Origami Club
Students in this club will explore the art of Japanese paper folding.
Sponsors: Bobbie Gray and Celeste Hanvey

Garden Club
Garden club manages our campus garden beds. Students water, plant, and harvest all year long while learning what it takes to grow our food.
Sponsor: Sara Hill and Amanda Marullo 

Community Service and Outreach
Students will be working together to organize community service/outreach projects within the school community here at Nelson and out in the larger community of Frisco.  
Sponsor: Bridget Shelden

Throwing Shade
Why color?
*Improves motor skills and eye-hand coordination
*stimulates creativity
*improves focus and special awareness
*improves confidence and self-esteem
*promotes self-expression

Sponsor: Jennifer Davis, Amy Kampe, Bobbie Gray and Amy Flowers

Emerald Singers

Emerald Singers is a show choir for students in 7th and 8th grade.  Students must already be enrolled in a choir class.  Emerald Singers is a performing group that will learn different styles of music, choreography, and perform pop music. 
Sponsor: Stephanie Beckers

Film Analysis Club
Film analysis club is for athletes of in season sports to attend to review, study, and analyze game film, practice film, and film from the high school. The coaches will review the film with the athletes, have chalk talk sessions, and prepare the athletes for the future.
Sponsors: John Steimer, Jacob Ewton, Tyler Kirkindoll

Heart Club
Heart health is so important!
“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”
“Regular, moderate physical activity helps your body control stress and weight.”
“Change your life by changing  your heart.”
Come have fun taking care of your heart! We’ll spend time walking, doing yoga and other activities, as well as spending time encouraging others and promoting a positive environment. It’ll be good for your soul.
Sponsor: Stefanie Eaton

Orchestra Gig Club
For students in Chamber, Philharmonic, or Sinfonia Orchestras.  Provides opportunities to rehearse and learn chamber music and orchestra music for performances (“gigs”) around the school and community.  May include jazz, latin, and fiddling styles with improvisation.
Sponsor:  Dr. Wagner

Nighthawk TV
At the end of each year, 7th graders who have taken Multimedia and Video Production, can apply to be part of the 8th grade broadcast class. The class produces Nighthawk TV for Nelson Middle School. 
Sponsor: Amanda Fox

Science Fair (ISEF) Club
Science Fair or ISEF stands for International Science and Engineering Fair. Nelson ISEF is now open to all students in grades 7-8.
ISEF Club is an optional opportunity on our campus. As it is optional, it is NOT done for a grade…ISEF is for students who enjoy competitive scientific research opportunities! 
Students begin their research process in early September. The Nelson Science Fair will take place January 14-18. Approximately 17 projects will advance to the Dallas Regional Fair from our campus.
Students in Nelson ISEF will attend a Science Fair Coaching Meeting once a week. There are two options to select from:
• Tuesday (New Heights) 1:33-2:00 Mrs. Wattier’s Room (E114) Starting Sept. 4th
• Tuesday afternoons 3:40-4:10 Mrs. Wattier’s Room (E114) Starting Sept. 4th
Acknowledgement/Permission slip forms will be due on August 31st by 4:00 pm and can be picked up from your science teacher.
Sponsor: Heather Wattier 

Reading Club
Reading club is open to ALL students. It provides the opportunity for students to kick back, relax, and enjoy their choice books. 
Sponsor: Rachael Rawlins

Photo Society Jr.
Join our photography club at Nelson Middle School to learn the basics of digital photography, the history of photography, photo challenges and contests, too!
Sponsor: Amy George 

Recycling Club
Students recognize the importance of our recycling club and how it has helped our school become more environmentally conscious.  Recycling bins are in all classrooms, workrooms, and office space to encourage students and staff to recycle paper. The recycling club collects these bins and takes the paper to our large recycling bin outside for pickup.   It is the goal of this club to make NMS a cleaner and "greener" school!
Sponsor: Jennifer Gomez Wickes