Cougar Parents:

We are continuing our process this year called “Pre-Registration” for all events in an effort to cut down on how long it takes for visitors to check-in in the front office. If you are planning on attending a pep rally or any event this year during the school day, please read the information below carefully. 

Call us! Clark Office: 469-633-4600

About Pre-Registration

Pre-registration at Clark is in effort to cut down on the time it takes to check-in in the front office for visitors attending a Clark event during the school day. Many elementary schools are doing this, so you may already be familiar with the process. Prior to some school events during the school day, we will send out an email and post to the website the event’s information and a link to the pre-registration form.
This form is only available to those that have already had their driver's license scanned through our Hall Pass system this current school year. Whether you pre-registered or walk-in, ALL attendees must bring their driver's license to verify identity before being admitted into the event; however, those that have pre-registered will pick up their name badge more quickly at a separate table in the front lobby. 
Using a specific link sent out via email from Clark or posted on the website under the link “Pre-Registration” under the “Quick Links” area of the Clark homepage, you will complete the process prior to each event you are attending. Please complete a separate form for each person in your party who will be attending this event. Please note that family members must be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the student listed if not on the emergency contact list for the student. If relatives or other guests not listed on the emergency contact list show up without the parent/guardian for a student, they will not be admitted to the event. All visitors should plan to check out in the office immediately following the event. All pre-registration forms must be completed by 3:00 pm the school day prior to the event. All attendees not on the pre-registration list must sign in through our Hall Pass system in the front office (please plan accordingly in case of a line). If you fill out the pre-registration form after 3:00 pm the school day prior the event, you will not be pre-registered, but you can check-in in the front office as usual, upon arrival.
No. Pre-registration is simply an effort to speed up the check-in process for visitors. You may still come into the front office to check-in, per our Clark policy. Please have your driver’s license with you to check-in.
If you can, call us and let us know. If not, no problem.