Middle School




Report an Absence

Email Please state why your child is out and if they are sick, please list their symptoms. Remember to send either a Doctor's note or parent note when your child is absent. Written documentation must be received within 3 days of your child returning to school. A phone call is recorded in our system; however, it does not excuse an absence.

Religious Holidays

Signing Students Out

To help reduce disruption to instruction, and most importantly, for the safety of our students, we are unable to have students leave their classes before a parent arrives and is confirmed in the front office. It is only after parents (or approved adults) have checked in with the receptionist that students will be called to leave their class. Please allow extra time for this to occur. Thank you for your understanding.

Note Policy

Doctor and dentist notes are acceptable excuses for absences. A parent note can also excuse an absence.  Only eight (8) parent notes will be accepted per school year (4 parent notes each semester). When more than 8 parent notes are accumulated, the student will be placed on attendance contract and absences will only be excused by a doctor’s note or by the school nurse.

Missed Assignments

It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to collect missed assignments due to an absence. It is recommended that before 10:00 AM on the second day of absence, parents request assignments for the absentee. This request should be made through our receptionist Mrs. Jabir, who will communicate the request with all of the students’ teachers. Assignments will be delivered to the receptionist in the front office and may be picked up after 3:30 PM on the second day of a student’s absence. Students may also collect all assignments when they return to school.

Each student is responsible for completing all make-up work. Students are allowed one day to make up assignments for each day of absence. If a student misses a test or quiz, it is the responsibility of the student to schedule a time with the teacher to make up the assessment. If the student was aware of an assignment deadline before the absence occurred, the assignment or exam is due upon the student’s return to school. Special long-term student projects may be required to be turned in on the due date regardless of student attendance at school.

Request Homework

It is recommended that before 10:00 AM on the second day of absence, parents request assignments for the absentee. Email Shazeeda Jabir at

90% Attendance Rule

To receive credit in a class, a student must attend at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered. A student is in violation of the 90% attendance law if they accumulate 9 or more excused or unexcused absences in any given class. Students who are in violation of the attendance code and who fail to make up the time required to be in compliance with the law will be denied credit for that class for the semester.


A student with three or more unexcused absences (in any class period) will receive a truancy warning letter and be placed on an Attendance Improvement Plan. Truancy may be filed for students who have 10 or more unexcused absences in a six-month period.

Extended Absences & Family Trips

Regular and punctual attendance is the greatest single factor in school success; therefore, a student’s first concern should be to attend class regularly. Being unnecessarily absent from school impairs a student’s opportunity to succeed in studies and also indirectly encourages the development of poor attitudes toward schoolwork and other obligations. That being said, we do understand that there are extenuating circumstances that can cause a family to choose for their student to be absent. Some of those are unplanned, such as a death in the family. Others are planned, such as a trip or vacation. We strongly discourage students being absent for the purpose of vacations. A significant part of the learning process occurs in direct instruction from the teacher and the interaction between students and teachers within the classroom; worksheets and other assignments cannot take the place of these essential interactions in the classroom.

If, after considering the information above, a family deems it necessary for their student to be absent from school:

  • The parent shall submit a written request, in advance, stating that the vacation or trip cannot be taken at another time. These absences will be considered unexcused.

  • Only one such trip or vacation per family, per year, can be requested.

  • No more than five consecutive days of absence shall occur, except in extenuating circumstances as determined by the Superintendent or designee.

  • No such trips shall be taken during the last two weeks of a semester, except in extenuating circumstances as determined by the Superintendent or designee.

  • If a student is going to be absent more than 10 consecutive days, the student may be withdrawn at the end of the 10th day. His/her place in class may not be held and they will be re enrolled upon his/her return.