Centennial High School

Centennial Senior Wins College Scholarship for Video Highlighting City of Frisco

Oct 22, 2014

Darden with Maso and KeatingGrowing up and moving away is often on the minds of high school students. However, one Centennial High School senior incorporated a desire to stay in Frisco into an award-winning film for the Frisco Education Foundation and FIREBALL RUN Adventurally series.

Mary Darden had five days to plan and produce her 2.5-minute video entitled “I Learned to Dream,” which earned her a $3,600 scholarship from the Frisco Education Foundation to a college or university of her choice.

The scholarship was funded through donations made by the community and FIREBALL RUN team members during FIREBALL RUN’s kickoff in Frisco on September 27.

The FIREBALL RUN Adventurally Series is a competition to promote awareness for missing children. Frisco Mayor Maher Maso and Councilman John Keating participated in the event and served on the committee to choose the winning video.

Films could follow the format of either a narrative or documentary, with the stories based off of the Frisco community.

Both Maso and Keating were on hand October 21 to present the scholarship to Darden, along with representatives from the Frisco Education Foundation and Frisco Convention & Visitors Bureau.

As the winner of first-ever FIREBALL RUN Entertainment Scholarship, Darden is invited to attend the 2015 Orlando Film Festival, where her video will be given a Red Carpet Premiere.

“This opportunity goes far beyond the monetary value of the scholarship,” said Allison Miller, director of the Frisco Education Foundation. “I cannot even begin to imagine the doors that will open and possibilities that lay ahead for Mary.”

Student Wins FIREBALL RUN Scholarship