Centennial High School

Centennial Students Recognized for Successful Response to Emergency

Dec 05, 2014

Students Honored by City CouncilFour members of the Centennial High School Sweethearts Drill Team were recognized in November by the City of Frisco for their efforts to assist a fellow Sweetheart suffering from a serious allergic reaction.

Maryssa Jernigan, Sara Nolan, Abbey Cumnock and Lauren Bilderback were eating at a local restaurant in August when fellow Sweetheart Kinsey McNary started having an anaphylactic reaction. Maryssa checked her throat, found it was closing, so she administered an Epipen and called 911. The other girls got a list of ingredients from the manager, paid their bills and asked staff to also call 911.

Officials praised the group for their quick action in responding to the life-threatening situation, which ensured a positive outcome.

The group was also honored for their efforts at a food allergy walk in Plano and helped raise awareness for serious health risks associated with food allergies.

Learn more about their efforts in this news report from CBS 11 News.

Students Recognized at FARE Walk