Frisco High School

9th Grade- FHS Counselors will come to your middle school several times this winter to talk about transitioning to high school, completing your four-year plan and selecting your 9th grade courses.

Please uses the following resources to help you complete your schedule and four- year plan:

Rising Raccoon Guide-

4  year plan presentation-


10th – 12th Grade- FHS Counselors will visit your social studies classes in January and present information on course selection for next year. Counselors will meet individually with you starting at the end of January, through February, to finalize your choices.

Please use the following resources to help you complete your schedule:


Elective Course Offerings- 9th/10th

Elective Course Offerings- 11th/12th  

What Counts for What

Math/Science Flow Chart

FISD/CTE Endorsement Pathways