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Prospective Dual Credit Students,

Please plan to attend a brief informational session Thursday, March 16th or Friday, March 17th during Flex Time in the Auditorium. We will be passing out Dual Credit Enrollment Packets so that you can begin the enrollment process and register for your Fall 2017 Collin College classes. Below are some very important steps and procedures (with links) to help you complete the enrollment process with Collin College. The front page (Green Sheet) of the Dual Credit Enrollment Packet has all these steps with more specific details for each step.

You will need to complete these steps in order:

1.       Apply Online for Collin College

2.       Have your FHS counselor complete and sign your Dual Credit Enrollment Form (requires parent and student signatures as well)- return to your FHS counselor by March 31st for us to deliver to Collin College or you will turn this directly into the Collin College Admissions and Records Office

3.       If you have signed up for Dual Credit in your high school schedule for next year, we will provide your transcript to Collin College. If not, please contact your counselor. 

4.       Meningitis Vaccine- If your menigitis Vaccine is up to date with the school, we will send this with your transcript. Students that are not up to date will need to provide documentation of your vaccination to Collin College by emailing to

5.       TSI- check with your counselor to see if you meet the exemption/waiver before signing up for the TSI (based on English 2 EOC scores or SAT/ACT scores)

6. Complete the Mandatory Training found on Cougar Web. 

You will now be able to Register online via Cougar Web starting April 18th REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT DEADLINE is JUNE 2nd!

Should you have any HOLDS keeping you from registering, please contact Kim Whitlock at to clear those up.

Collin College Contact Info: