Frisco High School


To schedule an appointment to enroll your child at Frisco High School, please contact our Counseling Secretary Jackie Cibran by either email or phone 469-633-5512. 
If you have questions about enrolling at Frisco High School, feel free to contact our Registrar Kay West by either email or phone 469-633-5517.

Welcome to Frisco High School. We are happy you have chosen to live in our district. The following documentation is required for enrollment in Frisco ISD:

Copies of this information must remain in the student file.
  1. Student Birth Certificate (or passport if birth certificate is unavailable) {School will copy}
  2. Student Social Security Card {School will copy}
  3. Immunization Records (You may obtain these from previous school) *
  4. Proof of Residence (Current utility bill, Lease agreement, Contract of sale or Closing papers) *You have 30 days to provide utility bill after lease starts or close of house.
  5. Drivers License of person completing enrollment (Per Senate Bill 1432)
  6. Unofficial transcript (Failure to provide transcript could result in student being placed in 9th grade. It is your right as a parent to obtain an unofficial transcript from previous school)
  7. TRANSCRIPT if 10th 11th or 12th, most recent 8th grade report card grade for 9th
You can view the High School Course Catalog to see courses offered at: The following forms must be completed: You may pick these up at the high school, find them on the FISD website, or click the links below.  Please have them completed at the time of your appointment or arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment to complete forms
You will complete online enrollment at the time of registration. Please allow 30 minutes for this, you will use a computer in the counseling center, please have emergency contact phone numbers and hospital/doctor information also. (IF this is a pre-enrollment you will receive a snap code at a later date to complete this process) Please note: Enrollment CANNOT proceed without PROOF OF RESIDENCY and IMMUNIZATIONS.*

Withdrawing: (Please allow 24 hours to complete process)

Parent/Guardian needs to contact registrar: Kay West 469-633-5517
Please note: 
Student’s parent/guardian must initiate withdrawal. A student may NOT withdraw themselves.

  • Provide Name and Grade of Student​
  • Provide Last Date Student will/has attend Frisco High
  • Provide Name of New School Provide City and State of New School
  • If Withdrawn to Home School; Provide Name of Home School Program
  • On the final day that the student will attend at FHS the parent will need to complete and sign the Withdrawal Form located in the Counseling Office.

After the student has turned in all textbooks, library books, and any equipment/uniforms belonging to Frisco the parent will receive the following:

  • Copy of Withdrawal Form that includes Immunizations 
  • Copy of Most Recent Report Card
  • Copy of Transcript

The new school will need to request OFFICIAL RECORDS from Kay West (Our Registrar) via TREx or Fax a Request for Records to 469-633-5556 (fax)