Frisco High School

Frisco High School – “THE Original”

Frisco High School may have had several addresses but one thing has remained constant – it’s pride in being first. For the first 100 years, Frisco High School was the community’s common bond at Friday night football games, homecoming and graduation. Today, FHS students and alumni alike are proud of their “THE Original” legacy.

One and two-room schoolhouses were scattered in this area as early as 1876. After Frisco was founded in 1902, those small schools began being consolidated into what became the Frisco Independent School District. 

Frisco High School students have grown and flourished in many school buildings since 1902. The sites, which served all the students in FISD until Acker opened in the 60s, include:

The Howard School site

  In 1902, all Frisco students attended classes at Frisco Public School near Maple Street and North County Road in a two –story frame building at the site of the former one-room school known as the Howard School.  As more space was needed, a new school was planned and the two-story building was sold to Dr. J.M. Ogle and removed from the site. The land reverted back to the estate of James Sidney Howard, a local farmer.

The Three-Story School

  A three-story traditional red brick, coal-heated, school was built in 1912 in the 6900 Block of Maple Street.  The building served the district through the mid 1930’s. The building was unable to provide for the number of students in Frisco, particularly as the third floor became unusable due to age and rot.  The school was torn down in 1937 and the land used for a new school.

The Two-Story High School

The second school constructed at the Maple Street location was a two-story dedicated to Frisco High School classrooms. It was built in 1922 adjacent to the three-story building.  Still utilized today with Student Opportunity Center classrooms, the 1922 building housed FISD administrative offices until November 2011 when the FISD Administration Building opened on Ohio.

The WPA School

 In 1939, a single-story mission-style school was built on Maple Street, replacing the three-story school and serving all grade levels.  The school was a Depression-era public works project. This historic building brought work to many Frisco people at a time of great hardship. It is still in use today as home the FISD Student Opportunity Center. 

Frisco High School-“THE Original” today

 The next phase of Frisco High School construction would see a new address – and a slight move north. In 1973, a new Frisco High School was constructed on a hill just behind the Maple Street complex on Stadium Lane, where Staley Middle School is now located.

In 1996, Frisco High School moved to its current location at the corner of Parkwood Boulevard and Stonebrook Parkway.  The “new” Frisco High School was built in three phases between  1996-2001.  In 2013 improvements and expansions were made to the library, gymnasiums and auditorium.

As of 2014, Frisco ISD has seven high schools and two more under construction.  Frisco High School, the first and “THE Original”, stands as an example of enduring tradition and continuing academic achievement as it embraces its sister schools.