Frisco High School

Recent Frisco High Graduate Self-Publishes Her Own Book

Jan 29, 2015

hs_fhs_bookpublishedCamille Harris, a recent graduate of Frisco High School, loves poetry and libraries. She has won the Frisco Public Library Poetry Contest more than once.

Harris completed her high school coursework this fall and has been looking for things to do as she waits to walk across the stage with her fellow students. Art, poetry and other types of writing are hobbies for this young lady who is an active volunteer at the Frisco Public Library. Her mother jokingly calls the public library “Camille’s office.” 

Recently inspired by the death of a loved one, Harris decided to pour her feelings into a short book that features a story and several poems. She wrote it in response to her family’s time of mourning in an effort to help people see that death does not have to be dark but can be seen as part of life, a positive transition. Harris was comforted by the fact that her family member passed calmly in their sleep.

Her book is entitled Life’s Mesmerizing Eyes and is available through It is self-published. Camille would like to discover an interested literary agent at some point in her career. For now she is planning to study to be a chiropractor at Parker University.