Frisco High School

"Have you completed your Safe Schools Survey?"

Dec 18, 2015

Our school is participating in the annual mandatory Frisco ISD Safe Schools Survey. This survey will provide information to assess prevention needs as well as to design and improve programs to better serve our students. 

 Student surveys are anonymous, and will be administered to students in grades 7-12.

 If there is a word or phrase that you don’t understand, try to answer the question as best you can. I am not allowed to explain any of the terms. If there is a question that you cannot answer because none of the answers apply to you or you do not choose to answer, then you should leave the question blank and proceed to the next question.

 When you are finished filling out the survey, click “submit survey” and remain quietly in your seat. The survey proctor/teacher will notify everyone when the survey is complete. We will now begin.

 In order to access the survey, please type in on your phone (or computer). If using your computer, you may need to hold down the control key and click the link.  Students may share electronic devices to complete the survey, if needed.

 You may now complete your survey.