Frisco High School

BPA State Qualifyers

Jan 21, 2016

Frisco High School Business Professionals of America competed in the Regional Leadership Conference January 16th. These students have many hours outside of school working on projects for this contests. 

The following students are STATE Qualifiers and will be attending our State Conference in Corpus Christi in March:

State Qualifiers:

  • Alex Vandermark       PC Servicing & Troubleshooting - 3rd
  • Joseph Hurt               Systems Administration Using - 3rd
  • Parker Spradley         Medical Office Procedures - 2nd
  • Ron Adrian Antonio   Visual Basic/C# Programing - 2nd
  • Alex Snell                    Fundamental Spreadsheet - 4th
  • Alicia Snell                  Broadcast Production Team - 1st
  • Alvin Lo                       Broadcast Production Team - 1st
  • Alicia Yu                      Broadcast Production Team - 1st
  • Bryce Johnson           Broadcast Production Team - 1st
  •                                      Visual Basic/C# Programming - 1st
  • Camie Webb               Legal Office Procedures - 2nd
  • Chloe Webb                Digital Publishing - 1st
  • Edward Hwang           Broadcast Production Team - 1st
  • Erin Melican                Integrated Office Applications - 1st
  • Fardeen Ajmal            Advance Spreadsheet - 4th
  • Meghana Choudari    Advanced Word Processing Skills - 2nd
  • Saran Sundararajan  JAVA Programming - 

The Following students placed high enough that they are State Alternates and could be called up to our state contest later this month:

 State Alternates:

  • Edward Hwang/Alvin LoDigital Media Production                              3rd
  • Fardeen Ajmal                 Video Production Team                               3rd
  • Mona McElroy                   Fundamental Accounting                            6th
  • Nihar Makinen                  Video Production Team                               3rd
  • Pranav Chandran            Video Production Team                               3rd
  • Chiamaka Okoye             Small Business Management Team         6th
  • Grace Zheng                      Small Business Management Team         6th
  • Ivy Wang                            Small Business Management Team         6th
  • Ken Asawa                         Computer Modeling                                       3rd