Frisco High School


Mar 30, 2016

Test Security:  Cell phones / electronic devices: 

Please remind your student to leave his/her cell phone, tablet, camera, and other electronic devices in their locker or car on their test day(s).  Aside from the items being forbidden in the testing room, it is very time consuming to collect and return these items. Students who are found to be in possession of any devices at any time during testing will be subject to disciplinary action and their tests will not be scored. In addition, students should not take books, purses, bags, or other personal items into to the test room.  Students are encouraged to see their English teacher if they have forgotten their locker combination.

Allowable items:

Students should bring two sharpened #2 pencils to their testing room. (Please note that mechanical pencils are not allowed, per state STAAR rules.)  Students may bring a closed bottle of water to the testing room, which they will be advised to keep on the floor to avoid damaging their testing documents. Students should bring a book to read for when they have completed their EOC/STAAR test. 

Sack Lunches for English STAAR exams (English II on March 31):

The English II STAAR EOC exam is 5-hours in length. The test will be stopped to allow the students a lunch break in their testing room. All students who are testing in these exams will need a sack lunch.  Students were provided an opportunity to pre-order a sack lunch from the cafeteria.  Order forms were completed in the students’ English classes through the week of March 25.  If a student pre-ordered a sack lunch, the student’s account will be billed, regardless of whether the student decides to eat the sack lunch on test day. (Students on a free or reduced meal plan will have the price adjusted per the plan.)  Please contact your student’s English teacher if you have questions on whether or not your child ordered a lunch.

** Students will not be allowed to receive lunch deliveries or visit the Cafeteria on their testing day. **

(Sack lunches are NOT required for the May EOC exams, whereas the Algebra I, Biology and US History EOC exams are 4-hours, compared to the longer 5-hour English EOC exams.)

Other notes:

  • Encourage your student to get a good night’s sleep and eat a nutritious breakfast prior to each test.
  • Encourage your student to see their English teacher if they have forgotten their locker combination.
  • Encourage your student to arrive to school promptly to ensure they get started on time.
  • Room assignments are posted across from the Late Gate.