Frisco High School


Apr 05, 2016

What a weekend for Frisco High Raccoons UIL Academics

FHS Raccoons competed in our District UIL Academic meet on Saturday at Lone Star High School placing 2nd Overall and advancing no less than 17 students in 8 different events to Regionals. 

Accounting:    2nd Place Team           Mona McElroy, Janie Harbour & Nick Shelley

            Coach: Mrs. Barker

            Mona McElroy – 2nd Place     Advance to Region

            Janie Harbour – 9th Place

            Nicholas Shelley – 10th Place

Calculator Applications:        2nd Place Team           Juhwan Jeong, Hyunseok Song, Kyle Barnes & Alvin Lo  

Coaches: Ms. Ballero, Ms. Rafiee & Mr. Mai

            Juhwan Jeong – 3rd Place       Advance to Region

            Hyunseok Song – 10th Place

Computer Applications:       

Coach: Mrs. Barker

            Abigail Golightly – 4th Place   Regional 1st Alternate

            Madison Turk – 10th Place

Computer Science:     4th Place Team  Italo Zevallos, Alvin Lo, Saran Sundararajan & Edward Hwan)   

Coach: Mr. Kaufman

            Italo Zevallos – 7th Place

            Alvin Lo – 8th Place

Literary Criticism:       1st Place Team                        Advance to Region    Parker Spradley, Eliza Kenyon, Brianna Royer & Zane Smith

Coach: Mrs. DePaolo

            Parker Spradley – 1st Place     Advance to Region

            Eliza Kenyon – 2nd Place         Advance to Region

            Brianna Royer – 3rd Place      Advance to Region

            Zane Smith – 5th Place                        Regional 2nd Alternate

Spelling and Vocabulary:       1st Place Team                        Advance to Region    Rahul Tirumalareddy, Ethan McPeek, Juan Escudero & Fardeen Ajmal 

Coach: Mrs. DePaolo

            Rahul Tirumalareddy – 2nd Place       Advance to Region

            Ethan McPeek – 3rd Place                  Advance to Region

            Juan Escudero – 4th Place                  Regional 1st Alternate

            Fardeen Ajmal – 8th Place

Ready Writing:          
Coach: Mrs. Newberry

            Christopher Smith – 2nd Place                       Advance to Region

            Kyle Barnes – 4th Place                       Regional 1st Alternate

            Gandhimathi Saravanan – 5th Place  Regional 2nd Alternate

Mathematics:             1st Place Team                        Advance to Region    Juhwan Jeong, Alvin Lo, Vishruth Mullapudi & Kyle Barnes 

Coaches: Ms. Ballero, Ms. Rafiee & Mr. Mai

            Juhwan Jeong – 1st Place        Advance to Region

            Alvin Lo – 6th Place                 Regional 3rd Alternate

Number Sense:           3rd Place Team   Juhwan Jeong, Alvin Lo, Fardeen Ajmal & Nicholas Boshart 

Coaches: Ms. Ballero, Ms. Rafiee & Mr. Mai

            Juhwan Jeong – 7th Place

Science:           3rd Place Team    Vishruth Mullapudi, Alvin Lo, Italo Zevallos & Juhwan Jeong  

Coach: Mr. Smith

            Vishruth Mullapudi – 3rd Place          Advance to Region

            Alvin Lo – Regional Alternate Chemistry High Score

Prose Interpretation: 

Coach: Ms. Brunson

            Shriya Govindji – 4th Place     Regional 1st Alternate

Poetry Interpretation: 

Coach: Ms. Brunson

            Sheila McElroy – 3rd Place      Advance to Region

Persuasive Speaking: 

Coach: Ms. Brunson

            Rhys Short – 6th Place                        Regional 3rd Alternate


Let’s continue to cheer on our UIL Academic Raccoons as they compete at Regionals in Nacogdoches April 22nd and 23rd.