Frisco High School

FHS students registered for AP Exams

Apr 12, 2016

Mandatory Pre-Administration sessions to prepare your exam paperwork prior to exam day begin today.

The following sessions are available: 

Tues, April 12th at 8:00am or 4:15pm

Wed, April 13th at 4:15pm

Thurs, April 14th at 8:00am or 4:15pm

These sessions will be held in the FHS Lecture Hall.

Students with Late Arrival or Early Release may attend any of those sessions or attend one of two sessions on April 12th during school hours:

9:00am in the Lecture Hall for Late Arrival students

2:30pm in the Lecture Hall for Early Release students

It is mandatory that AP Exam students attend one of these sessions. Students not attending and completing a Pre-Administration session may be ineligible to take their exam.

** Students taking the AP Human Geography Exam will do their Pre-Administration in their AP Human Geography class on April 14th or April 15th. Therefore, these students will NOT need to attend the Pre-Administration sessions unless they plan to be absent from their AP Human Geography class on April 14th or April 15th.

Please visit the Counseling Office with any questions or if you have conflicts with the Pre-Administration dates and times.