Frisco High School

Flex Time at FHS!

Aug 23, 2016

Frisco High School – Flex Time – FAQs

What is Flex Time?

Flex Time Video

Flex Time is a 30-minute block of time each day when students can choose what activity is best for them based on their academic and/or personal needs.

 What can I do during Flex Time?

FHS students will have the opportunity to seek academic support through teacher tutorials, create peer study groups, complete homework and make-up assignments, attend club meetings, utilize the library, attend study and soft skills workshops, enjoy quiet time listening to music or reading, or socialize with their peers. Students who are in need of extra support in classes will be required to attend teacher-assigned tutorials. Through Flex Time, our students are empowered to make the appropriate academic and social decisions necessary for success at Frisco High School. Flex Time is a great benefit for students who are involved in extracurricular activities or ride a bus to school as students can now access their teachers for support during the middle of each day as needed. In addition throughout the year, flex time will also be utilized for pep rallies, class meetings, and school assemblies in order to decrease the amount of instructional time that is used for school-wide activities.

 Where can students be and what parts of the building are off limits during Flex Time? 

Students will be able to access almost all parts of the building, including the interior courtyards during this time. The off limits areas are the gyms, Ag building, and theatre. Even though students will be all over the building, FHS is not an “open campus” and therefore students cannot leave for lunch or any other reason unless checked out through the front office by their guardian.

What do I do if I have class scheduled at the CTEC or Collin College during Flex Time?

 The class and shuttle schedules for CTEC and Collin classes will not be altered for Flex Time. Students must remember to catch their shuttle or get to their off campus class on time regardless of Flex Time.

Will the cafeteria and school store be open for students to purchase food and snacks during Flex Time?

Yes, certain lines in the cafeteria and the school store will be open for purchases during Flex Time.

How can students find their teacher during Flex Time?

The location and availability of every teacher will be printed on posters located near the Late Gate in A Hall. An electronic version of these posters will also be available on the FHS website.

Can students be assigned tutorials during Flex Time?

Yes, similar to assigned tutorials before and after school, students can be assigned tutorials during Flex Time.

What are “open” tutorials?

Open tutorials are meant for any student enrolled in that course to receive academic support. These tutorials are come and go as needed.

 What are "closed” tutorials?

Closed tutorials are restricted to only those students that are assigned to attend. These tutorials are structured to provide timely and tailored support in a small group setting.

 What are the consequences if a student skips their assigned tutorial during Flex Time?

Students can be assigned a variety of consequences including Saturday School, TNL, detention, or ISS.

What club/organization meetings are held during Flex Time?

FHS will offer a variety of club and organization meetings during Flex Time. A calendar of these offerings including location can be found on the posters located near the Late Gate in A Hall. An electronic version of this poster will also be available on the FHS website.

What if a parent needs to sign their student out during Flex Time?

In order to expedite locating students during Flex Time, parents are encouraged to send their student a text message when they arrive at FHS and are signing out in the front office. Our office staff will then follow routine protocol in order to send for a student.