Frisco High School

FHS is Piloting a New Volunteer Tracker! App-Garden

Oct 25, 2016

App-Garden Volunteer Tracker

Frisco ISD is piloting a new system called “App-Garden” at 6 campuses. Spears Elementary, Shawnee Trail Elementary, Clark Middle School, Hunt Middle School, Frisco High School, Centennial High School. 

This is a robust program which does back ground checks and tracks volunteer hours. This program will be disseminated to all campuses district wide during this school year. 

How is it different from Raptor? “App-garden” will be able to track the volunteers and the hours worked at each campus. It is a much better volunteer system because campuses will be able to track volunteer events and the volunteer hours under one program; allows campuses to have on-line sign-in for events, communicate with volunteers and assist with sign-in at the event.

 Will I have to do another background check this year? No, not if you have already submitted your background check. If you have not completed a background check, you will complete the volunteer application in App-Garden.

Click here for the App-Garden link.

What do I do when I get to the campus to volunteer this year? You will continue sign in to Raptor each time you come to the campus. If you are volunteering at a campus, you will also sign in to App-Garden Volunteer Tracker. If you are only coming for lunch with your student, you will just sign into Raptor.