Frisco High School

During the 2010-2011 school year, FHS implemented class fees to pay for Senior Prom and Senior Day activities. Each class will pay a total of one hundred dollars by the time they are seniors. This year we are taking all payments with the My Payments Plus system.

The schedule of payment for the school year 2014-2015 is listed below:

  • Freshman $25.00 each year
  • Sophomores $25.00 each year
  • Juniors $25.00 this year if your $50.00 dues were paid last year
  • Seniors $25.00 this year if your $75.00 dues were paid last year

These fees will be deposited into the senior class account for each grade level and credited to the individual student paying the fee. Should a student choose not to attend Prom their senior year or move prior to Prom, all fees paid by the student will be returned to that student upon presentation of the receipts documenting that they have previously paid their dues. The refund must be requested in writing through the FHS Finance Office 21 calendar days (March 6, 2015) prior to Senior Prom. No refunds will be issued after March 6, 2015. This effort will replace an annual fundraiser for each grade level. It will allow students to make smaller payments over four years, and it will help reduce the financial burdens that overload students and parents during the spring semester of the student’s senior year. Students may choose to pay the entire amount at one time