Frisco High School
Funds for Books:
For convenience, you may now use Funds4Books (F4B) to pay for lost or damaged Frisco ISD library books. Credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks are accepted. Funds4Books also allows parents, teachers, and community members the unique opportunity to donate the cost of a book in honor of a student’s birthday or graduation or in honor or memory of a special person such as a grandparent or teacher. Bookplates to commemorate these gifts will be placed in all donated books.

To pay for lost or damaged books:
    1. Obtain the replacement cost of the book from your campus librarian. 
    2. Click on this link Funds4Books to access the site.
    3. Select the amount to be paid or click “other” to enter an amount not listed.
    4. Round down to a whole dollar amount. 
      • For example, $16.99 should be rounded down to $16.00.
      • The minimum payment accepted by the system is $8.00.
    5. In the “donated by/message” field, enter “lost book” or “damaged book”
    6. Enter the student’s name in the field “on behalf of.”
    7. Enter payment information. 
      • Once again, credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks are accepted. 
      • If you prefer not to pay online, your librarian can accept a payment of cash or personal check.
    8. Your librarian will receive notice of payment and credit your child’s account.
To purchase a memorial book or book to honor someone:
    1. Follow steps 1 through 2 above.
    2. For the amount, choose $16 book donation or enter a larger amount in “other” if desired.
    3. In the “donated by/message” field, enter information about the occasion.
    4. In the “on behalf of” field, enter the person’s name you wish to honor or memorialize.
    5. Your librarian will receive notice of your gift and will provide a letter with which you may let the recipient know of your gift.
Thank you for supporting your campus library in this way!

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