Heritage High School Student and Parent Agreement for Enrollment for AP and Pre-AP Courses

Aug 23, 2014

Heritage High School encourages all students to enroll in available advanced placement (AP) and PreAP classes to enhance their academic experience. Any Heritage HS student may enroll in PreAP or AP classes as his or her schedule permits. AP and PreAP classes offer a high degree of rigor designed to prepare the student for success in higher academic pursuits. The purpose of a PreAP course is to prepare students for college-level work that they will experience in AP classes. AP courses provide college-level instruction and culminate in AP exams that are designed by the College Board. Students who successfully complete AP exams may receive college credit. Typically, successful PreAP/AP students are:
* task oriented;
* proficient readers;
* able to prioritize their time and maintain an organizational system;
* willing to seek help from teachers as soon as problems arise; and
* experiencing little to no difficulty meeting the requirements of on-level courses, typically earning grades of A or B

AP courses differ from on-level high school courses in that instructors use advanced curricula that is outlined by the College Board and authorized through the College Board’s audit process. PreAP courses focus on in-depth preparation in a subject area that is necessary to master the skills required to achieve success in AP courses. Other characteristics of advanced courses include content immersion, a fast pace, and assessment of performance at the analysis and synthesis levels.

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