Principal Mark Mimms Recognized for Outstanding Leadership

Dec 14, 2016

Principal Mark Mimms has been recognized at the Jostens Student Council Renaissance Tour for his outstanding leadership at Heritage High School.

Mimms opened Heritage High School in the fall of 2009. He initiated the C2G, Commitment to Graduate, campaign at Heritage during its first year of operation. By involving faculty, staff and students to take part in the C2G initiative, Mimms set a high bar for all students at Heritage. The student climate, the expectations, and the school creed are all aimed at encouraging students to have a growth mindset, finish high school, prepare for their future and become a lifelong learner. The 4 cornerstones of C2G are Dream, Believe, Achieve and Remember. We all have dreams, we have to believe in ourselves, we have to learn how to achieve success and we must remember those who helped us along the way.

In 2011, Jostens recognized the school as being a National Model C2G school. As a result of Mimms’ work with Jostens on school climate and culture, Jostens made Heritage High School on its Renaissance Back to School Tour, which features speaker Mike Smith, founder of The Bay and Skate for Change. Jostens awarded Mimms a Renaissance Tour skateboard as part of the event.

Mimms began his education career in 1984 and joined Frisco ISD in 2004.