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HHS 2016-2017 Student/Parent Agreement for Enrollment in AP & PreAP Courses.  Click here.
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What are Advanced Placement Courses?

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2016-2017 AP Program Guide: Click here.
2016-2017 AP Bulletin for Students and Parents: Click here 
2016-2017 AP Boletin para estudiantes AP y sus padres:  aga clic aquí

Qualities of the Pre-AP Student:
  • Click here for a list of qualities and attributes listed by The College Board which indicate success in Pre-AP classes. Please take the time to do a self inventory and see how many of these traits apply in order to assist you when deciding on Pre-AP caliber classes.
Why take a Pre-AP or AP Course: AP Scores:
  • View your scores and send them to colleges. Also, learn about AP awards and get answers to all your score-related questions.  Click here.
AP Human Geography: 
  • AP Human Geography will be taking the place of PAP World Geography in Frisco ISD beginning with school year 2013-2014. Watch a student-created video explaining AP Human Geography! Click Here.