Lebanon Trail High School

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Xello is a program that will be used to help you research colleges, careers, and more about your learning style.

How to Login:

o        Go to the Student Portal on the FISD Website at https://www.friscoisd.org/ 

o        Click the Student Links at the bottom and select the XelloTile

o        When prompted, enter your school Google info to login

What can you do in Xello?

o       About Me

o   Matchmaker – find which careers for which you’re most suited

o   Learn about the skills/interests you possess and how it can be helpful in determining a career

o   Personality Style - take a personality quiz to see which careers you might enjoy

o   Learning style – discover which learning style will benefit you the most

o        Explore Options – Look at options for different colleges, majors, and careers by filtering and selecting criteria that is important to you.

o        Goals and Plans can be accessed when Explore Options are complete.  Map out your future with your post-secondary goals.

Go through the About Me quizzes to get an idea of what you might like to do in your future.

Start to look at the Explore Options to discover colleges, majors, and careers.