Lebanon Trail High School

Annual FISD Holiday Luncheon Welcomes Senior Citizens to Lebanon Trail

Dec 12, 2016

The 36th Annual Frisco ISD Senior Citizen Holiday Luncheon changed venues this year, as the District invited seniors in the community to celebrate at the new Lebanon Trail High School.

The much-anticipated event is a tradition that traces its beginnings back to the days when school namesake Justin Wakeland was superintendent of schools and Reba Carroll, the namesake of Carroll Elementary, was his secretary. The two decided to have a luncheon to thank retired employees for their service during the month of December.

From that small gathering, the luncheon now includes hundreds of senior citizens from across Frisco ISD. For the past several years, Staley Middle School was the host campus, but as the event continues to grow, LTHS was chosen.

Current Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jeremy Lyon greeted guests on December 7 and spoke to many friends he has met over the last four years. He thanked everyone for coming, explaining that this popular event is meant as a way to thank a “sacred and important group of people.” He noted that the senior citizens honored by Frisco ISD are people who built the community into the great place it is today.

“We will continue to do our job and do it well, with your support,” Lyon assured the guests.

While many former Frisco ISD employees and students were in attendance, the guest list grows as FISD welcomes new friends to the area. The District reaches out through several avenues to reach seniors who have family in FISD or other ties in the community.

The event always showcases the talent of students. The Lebanon Trail orchestra, choir and Student Council helped make the event special this year by greeting guests, helping to serve food and performing. Principal Devin Padavil made each guest feel welcome.

Lianne Friedel, who volunteers with the FISD Angel Program, and tablemates Marie and George Gibson, who volunteered last summer with Mindbender Academy, were all first-time guests to the event. The Gibsons were busy enjoying the lunch, but also spreading the word about the great experience they had volunteering at Mindbender, the summer STEM camp for middle school students hosted by the Frisco Education Foundation.

Martha Hight and Judy Litty were also first-time guests. Litty taught for 30 years in Carrollton and now lives in Frisco Lakes. Hight is proud grandmother to Kyle, a member of the Lone Star High School Band. She had the opportunity to meet her son’s principal, Karen Kraft, at the event. Getting to put faces with names and see the many people who have ties to FISD through their volunteerism, interest or grandchildren is one of the goals of the event.

Lois Cates, who attended the old Lebanon School near the current high school site, noted that she had often eaten lunch in “Lebanon.”

Longtime Frisco resident Katie Almon grew up on Maple Street, where the first Frisco school was located. She has watched the school district grow from having all its classes on Maple Street to the 68 campuses it boasts today. She never ate in the cafeteria that she recalls. She couldn’t even be sure there was one back in her day, because she went home most days.

“When mother went to Dallas, about once a year, I got to carry my lunch in a sack. I always wanted one of those little cakes covered in icing and coconut,” Almon said, as she made her way through the high school line to be served turkey and dressing by food service employees in Santa hats.

For her, the luncheon was chance to get out of the house and see several old friends, who no longer have the ability to get out much.

“We all used to go to the Depot Cafe on Friday nights,” Almon said, motioning to her friends.

Asked if she enjoyed the event, one first-time attendee laughed and said, “Look at my plate!”

If you know a senior citizen who would like to attend the event next year, please email Theresa Hambrick at hambrict@friscoisd.org or call 469.633.6060 to have his or her name added to the guest list.