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How do I report an absence?

A student may be excused for temporary absence for the following: 1) personal sickness; 2) family emergency; 3) documented juvenile court proceeding; 4) Board approved extracurricular activity; or 5) approved college visitation upon receipt of a note from the student’s parent. The student will be allowed three (3) days to submit a written note excusing an absence (an email is acceptable as a note). Frisco ISD allows eight (8) parent note/days per school year (4 per semester). Each campus may stop taking parent notes at any time they see a pattern that needs to be addressed.

Absences such as non-school related vacations and trips, babysitting, working (including modeling), and non-school sponsored athletic events and programs shall be considered unexcused.

To report an absence call 469-633-6618 or click here to email our Attendance Clerk at LTHSattendance@friscoisd.org   

While we appreciate the courtesy of a phone call, written documentation must be received for an absence. Here are some guidelines to follow regarding this documentation:

* You may send either a doctor's note or a parent note; an email from a parent DOES qualify as written documentation/parent note.
o Please tell us why your student is out and if they are sick, please list the symptoms. 
* Written documentation must be received within three days of your student returning to school.  
* Only four (4) parent notes/emails will be accepted per semester.

PLEASE NOTE: If your student is absent an automated phone call and email will be sent to you regarding the absence. You will receive this notification even if you have already notified the school of the absence.

What do I do if my student is absent due to personal illness?

A parent note/email may excuse an absence due to personal illness.
* When a student’s absence for personal illness exceeds four (4) consecutive days, the student shall present a statement from a physician or health clinic verifying the illness or other condition requiring the student’s extended absence from school.

How do I report an absence due to a trip or vacation?

Please click this link to access the Absence Request for Trip or Vacation form below and return it to the Attendance Clerk. 
What is the policy about absences due to religious holy days?

A student may be excused from attending school for the purpose of observation of religious holy days, including travel for that purpose; such days shall be limited to one day for travel to and one day for travel from the site where the student will observe the religious holy days. Please notify the Attendance Clerk of this absence via email, include the name of the religious holy day your student will be observing and the date(s) your student will be absent. (Additional documentation may be requested.)

What is the policy regarding absences due to college visits?

A junior or senior student’s absence of up to two days related to visiting a college or university may be considered an exemption provided the students submits official written documentation from the college or university, within 3 school days, and makes up any work missed.

How does my student make up missed assignments due to absence?

The student shall agree to have any pre-assigned work completed upon his or her first day back to school, although a teacher is not required to give the student work prior to the absence. Some may be given ahead of time and some may be given upon return. It is the student’s responsibility to do make-up work following any absence. Students are responsible for collecting their make-up work the first day they return to the class(es) that was missed. After receiving their make-up work, students will turn in their work as follows: one day of absence, one day (next class period) to make up work; two days absence, two days (class periods) to make up work; three days or more absent, three days (class periods) to make up work. Full credit can be earned as long as the work is turned in within the allotted time.

If my student is absent can they participate in extracurricular activities after school?

Students must be in attendance for at least half of the school day in order to participate in an after school extracurricular activity. The principal or their designee may make an exception to this requirement after they review documentation that the student was at a medical, dental or legal appointment that had been scheduled previously.

How do I sign my student out during the school day?

To help reduce disruption to instruction, and most importantly, for the safety of our students, we are unable to let a student leave their classroom until a parent arrives and is confirmed in the front office. It is only after parents (or approved adults) have checked in with the receptionist that students will be called to leave their class. Please allow extra time for this to occur. Thank you for your understanding.  

More information regarding Frisco ISD Attendance Policy can be found at the links below:
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For any attendance related questions please call our Attendance Clerk Danielle Palmer at 469-633-6618.