Lebanon Trail High School
Teachers and Staff
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Campus Principal:  Mr. Jake Duce
Assistant Principal, A-L:  Ms. Kristen Sommers
Assistant Principal, M-Z:  Ms. Kristina Pospick
Lead Counselor, A-L:  Ms. Jackie Smith
Counselor, M-Z:  Ms. Christine Wilson
504/Testing Coordinator:  Ms. Sarah Cozart
Librarian:  Ms. Ashley Hill
Digital Learning Coach: Ms. Kim Hampton
Nurse:  Ms. Beth Evans
Campus Athletic Coordinator:  Mr. Sadd Jackson
Assistant Campus Athletic Coordinator:  Ms. Elise Swearengin
Student Resource Officer:  Mr. Brent Stafford
Campus Secretary:  Ms. Stephanie Portwood
Data Clerk: Ms. Danielle Palmer
Registrar:  Ms. Julie Hess
Receptionist:  Ms. Holli Sherman
AP Secretary:  Ms. Melissa Perea
Counselor Secretary:  Ms. Danie Love
Attendance Clerk:  Mr. Israel Aguila

*IC denotes the Instructional Coach for each subject. 
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CTE Teachers

 Name Course(s)   Extension
 Elizabeth Bonnett  Computer Science, PAP Computer Science, AP Computer Science  x56658
 Amanda Carlucci  TV Broadcast I & II, 3D Modeling & Animation  x56666
 Dr. Michael Chong  Health Science, Medical Terminology  x26633
 Emily Henvey  Photojournalism, Journalism, Yearbook  x26635
 IC Lameca Williams  Business Information Management (BIM), Survey of Business, Marketing, and Finance, Computer Maintenance, Digital Media (DM)    x56619
 Michelle Fiszer  Introduction to Culinary Arts, Child Development   x26658
 Kendric Spencer  Survey of Agriculture  x26631

ELA Teachers

 Name  Course(s)  Extension
 Kacie Easley  PAP English II, Athletics  x76613
 Rehnuga Ganeshan  ESOL I, ESOL II  x76607
 IC Christina Hawkes  PAP English I, English II, PAP English II  x76610
 Cory Johnson  Professional Communications, Debate, Athletics  x76613
 Sandra Landers  PAP English I  x76614
 Valerie Law  PAP English I, GT Humanities  x76609
 Caitlin Leuders
 Professional Communication, Soccer  x36683
 Larissa Ledbetter  PAP English II  x76611
 Lucy Miller  English I  x76615
 Mike Noack  English II  x76614

Fine Arts Teachers

 Name Course(s)  Extension
 Mike Buntyn  Choir  x36634
 Jamie Harmon  Fashion Marketing, Dollars & Sense, Dance I, Dance II, Dance Training  x36635
 Michael Hollomon  Theater Arts I, Theater Arts II, Tech Theater  x36636
 Rob Parks  Percussion, Applied music  x26678
 Lauren Potter  Color Guard  x36637
 Matthew Schaul  Band  x36631
 IC Kristen Summers  Art I, PAP Art IArt II, PAP Art II  x66614
 Paul Vanderpool  Chamber, Symphonic, Philharmonic, Orchestra   x36633
 Kelly Wykoff  Band  x36630

Health/PE Teachers

Name Course(s)  Extension
 Tamika Jackson  Health  x36680
 Leon Jones  Athletics, Outdoor Education  x36664
 Steven Maupin  Tennis  x36662
 Elise Swearengin  Athletics, Partners PE, Foundations of Personal Fitness, Aero Fit  x36640

World Languages Teachers

 Name  Course(s) Extension 
 IC Kimberly Church  PAP Spanish II  x76635
 Megan Graves  Spanish I  x76640
 Monica Meza  Spanish III, PAP Spanish III  x66641
 Kevin Rankin  French I, French IIPAP French II  x36660
 Rebecca Rey  Spanish II  x76637
 Donald Thompson  American Sign Language II  x56610
 Stacy Wisenhunt-Guerra  Spanish I, Spanish II  x76636

Math Teachers

Name  Course(s)  Extension
 IC Valerie Adams  Algebra I,Geometry  x76677
 Matthew Don Carlos  Algebra I  x36672
 Channing Colon  PAP Geometry, Athletics  x76675
 Laura Gober  PAP Algebra II, PAP Geometry  x76694
 Kenneth Hegmann  Geometry, Soccer  x36663
 Melissa Lorber  Algebra IIPAP Algebra II  x76678
 Christopher Ruckman  PAP Geometry, PAP PreCalculus, Athletics  x76696
 Justin Wieller  PAP Algebra I,Athletics  x36644

Science Teachers

 Name  Course(s)  Extension
 James English  Chemistry, Athletics  x66646
 Peyton Hughes  Biology, PAP Biology, Athletics  x36682
 Caryn Loveless  Biology  x76662
 Alicia Marusik  PAP Chemistry  x76682
 IC Susan Moran  PAP Biology, AP Biology  x76660
 Leslie Powell  IPC, Chemistry, Athletics  x36642
 Aaron Ruiz  PAP Chemistry  x76684
 Jacqueline Wilson  PAP Biology  x76659

Social Studies Teachers

 Name Course(s)  Extension
 Robert Andrews  World Geography, Athletics  x36646
 Scott Carmichael  World Geography  x76601
 IC Kelsey Decker  AP Human Geography, Psychology
 Jillian Innis  World History, AP World History  x76604
 Kelsey Kuberski  World Geography, World History  x76620
 Phillip Marcotte  AP Human Geography  x76619
 Michael Palo  World History, Sociology, Athletics
 Mark Polit  World History, Athletics  x76605
 Jarred Stewart  GT Humanities, AP Seminar, Ac-Dec

Special Education Teachers

 Name Course(s)   Extension
 Rebekah Cate  English I, English II  x76608
 Pamela Carpenter  ACCESS  x56613
 Susan Kim  Biology, Study Skills  x76656
 Bryan Larned  Algebra I, Geometry, Athletics  x76680
 Melissa Robinson  World History, World Geography  x76606
 IC Michael Titus  IPC, Social Skills  x56633
 Paul VanAssen  ACCESS  x56629