Red Rhythm with LHS

The Red Rhythm Dance Team members build friendships, develop leadership skills, gain community service hours, and have an opportunity to be awarded a college scholarship their senior year.   The dance team is under the direction of Mrs. Nicole Nothe and Ms. Marina Gonzalez.

This award-winning Dance Team performs at LHS football and basketball games during halftime.

Our Mission Statement:
"We, the sisters of Liberty Red Rhythm, strive to promote school spirit in a ladylike and positive manner.  Through this, we hope to build values such as:
Accountability:  Everyone is expected to put forth her full individual effort toward our collective success.
Respect:  Treating others how you want to be treated and saying, "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir."
Trust:  Building trust in our teammates and in ourselves through team-building activities, motivational discussions, and setting team goals."

2017-2018 Code of Conduct (CLICK HERE)

2018-19 RR Code of Conduct Addendum


Red Rhythm Line Tryout Packet 3-21-18

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